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Debt recovery – unpaid invoice{{}}

Although it can be arduous and time-consuming, chasing late payments is a necessary task for most businesses that grant credit. Failure to secure payment for money owed to your business can put undue pressure on your cashflow, which can have disastrous consequences – especially if unpaid sums are large and they become bad debts.

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Upcoming Events

FBC Manby Bowdler events{{}}At FBC Manby Bowdler, we have a programme of events throughout the year, to which we welcome not only our existing clients, but also any prospective clients interested in finding out more about the Firm. Click here to view our event schedule.

Accidents at work


Accidents at work{{}}

“Employers must report serious incidents resulting in incapacitation of more than seven days to the Health & Safety Executive. Employers with ten or more employees should record any other injuries in an accident book”

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